Stakeholder Engagement


In business we all rely on other people to get things done. Everyone affected by what you are doing is a stakeholder, and you need them on your side.

This highly interactive, two day workshop will enable you to:

  • Identify, prioritise and engage your stakeholders to appreciate their perspective, and be open to different opinions.
  • Understand regulatory guidelines and their application in certain projects.
  • Earn the respect of your stakeholders by understanding their business and learning about their interests and
  • Develop strategies to work closely with stakeholders and enhance the outcome of your negotiations.
  • Confidently facilitate stakeholder meetings and manage conflict situations.
  • Achieve results with a culturally diverse set of stakeholders.
  • Create a Stakeholder Engagement plan to apply the skills you learn.

Who Should Participate

Anyone who is driving change in an organisation and needs to influence others.

These people are usually in roles such as Strategy, Project Management, Sourcing, Operations, Technology, Finance, Product Management, Sales, Service, Marketing, HR, Learning & Development, and Change Delivery .


The Benefits of Stakeholder Engagement

By communicating with stakeholder early and frequently, you can:

  • Learn about their goals and priorities
  • Work out how your project helps them achieve their goals
  • Ensure they understand the benefits of your project
  • Anticipate their reaction
  • Counteract negative perceptions before they take hold
  • Use their opinions to shape projects at an early stage
  • Avoid expensive, time consuming remedial action
  • Win wide support by demonstrating the mutual benefits of your project
  • Improve the quality of your project
  • Win more resources, making it more likely your project will be a success
  • Make sure your plans take into account all regulatory issues

Workshop Outline 


Day 1


Pre – Work   - Business Case Study
- Delegates will complete a report based on a current/future project they are/could be working on
- The purpose is to maximise their learning with something they can have reference to
Conducting Effective Stakeholder Meetings - Through an ineffective Stakeholder Meeting play, delegates will point out what has been done poorly and give suggestions to improve
Behavioural Style Analysis - Each style will be reviewed with reference to their thoughts and reactions
- Delegates will explore and find the most effective way to liaise with their clients based on their own behavioural style
Influencing Different Stakeholders - Each Stakeholder has different concerns which cause conflicting interests
- We will introduce some ways which can help eliminate or reduce problems

Day 2 


Communicating Change and Handling Conflict - Delegates will learn how to communicate change and give in without having to compromise their desired results
Dealing with Cultural Challenges - After understanding how cultural challenges arises, delegates will learn how to deal with them and ensure that the message delivered during communication is accurate
Delivering Bad News - Through simulation, delegates practice conveying bad news based on prior experience and some guidelines provided
- Further feedback will be made for further improvement after each exercise
Planning Stakeholder Engagement - A list of checkpoints will be given to delegates which helps to set them in the right direction and prevent any important factors from not being considered

Over 700 delegates worldwide have attended this workshop.

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Upcoming Public Stakeholder Engagement Skills Course

20th and 21st February 2014

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