Sales training


What are your sales people like? Do they talk about your products and give a standard sales pitch? From our experience, 9 out of 10 of our participants in both sales and non-sales jobs describe a “salesperson” in negative, derogatory terms. Why? Because while the sales person may be trying to appear to be interested in the customer, they are perceived to be only interested in themselves. 8 out of 10 people never want to be faced with that sales person again! We can help you change this!

This highly interactive, two day workshop will enable you to:

  • Understand what customers expect and hope for from sales people
  • Identify areas where customer do not have faith in
  • Recognize what value means and how you can help their customers become more profitable
  • Conduct yourself professionally at the critical stages of client encounters
  • Gather information and use it to help your clients become more competitive
  • Present ideas and solutions to clients that fix their problems, in a business-like fashion
  • Adapt to your clients’ style order and appeal to a variety of communication styles
  • Win more of the deals you go after

LIFO Training

We provide LIFO training in our courses. It will help you in your business.

How? – Read more about it here.


Understanding yourself and your client is key to closing a deal.


Using real business scenarios and hands on role-play,
Impact’s “Sales Training” course will enlighten you!


Workshop Outline


Day 1


Opening Play - Facilitator demonstrates a poor sales meeting
- Delegates point out what has and has not been done well 
The Client Opportunity  - Delegates participate in a sales meeting simulation
- Feedback based on “IMPACT” model is given
The IMPACT Needs Analysis Model - Participants learn the elements of the IMPACT Needs Analysis Model
- Through role playing, they practice how to question and understand instead of presenting information to convince
Presentation Skills  - Delegates present their “Client Solution”
- They are questioned by clients(other delegates) critically while being assessed on their ability to listen to the objections and probe them

 Day 2


Behavioral Style Analysis  - Delegates learn about behavioural styles and how they impact client interactions (LIFO)
- They analyse the most effective communication with various clients based on their own behavioural style
The Six rules for Negotiation   - Applying the six rules at relevant times strengthens our negotiating powers and improves the likelihood of compromise on critical issues. 
Final Client meeting - In the final role-play the delegates work in pairs to close the deal
- They are expected to bring together all of the skills and draw the deal to conclusion
Action Planning - Insights from the training are discussed and private time is spent making notes about future selling behaviours
- Each delegate prepares an Action Plan and client Opportunity Report for discussion with their manager

The above outline gives you a flavour of what we can do.

Our preference is always to discuss with you what challenges your business is facing in obtaining your business objectives. From there, we will design a very specific programme that will meet the needs of your business. For more information, contact us now!