Impact Girls


Adolescents face many challenging situations and are often faced with tough choices imposed by peer and pressure and media endorsement.  Lack of knowledge and insight can lead to unhappy decisions and stress. Impact Girls teaches valuable self-evaluation & management skills in a constructive and supportive ‘camp’ environment.  Varied and stimulating teaching aids, fun activities, group discussions and guest speakers make the learning process enjoyable and effective.  Girls learn how to understand and deal with emotions and stress, handle difficult situations and creatively resolve dilemmas.  An upbeat self-image is achieved through nutrition and fitness advice.  Confidence skyrockets with discovering your personal style, positive self-expression and presentation skills.  Girls leave the program enriched, confident and self-assured, equipped with strategies to tackle any challenge head on!  Beautiful memories are created on the way to serve as lifetime anchors.

Impact Girls boosts self-esteem; achievement potential and positive outlook/attitude dramatically through techniques and tools for:


  • Self Evaluation and Self Image
  • Dealing with Dilemmas and Challenges
  • Managing Emotions and Stress
  • Positive Self Expression; Blogging
  • Presentation Skills
  • Grooming and Style tips
  • Healthy Eating and staying Fit

Workshop Outline

Day 1 Afternoon



Introduction of Program - Facilitator talks about the goals of the workshop, activities, expectations and concerns (dietary, physical, emotional)
First Activity - A physical activity designed to increase familiarity, ease of communication and camaraderie in the group
Personal Presentations - Participants introduce themselves formally to other participants and present their analysis posters
Self Evaluation Exercise (LIFO) - Participants to retire to their rooms to fill out an evaluative form on perceptions and self-analysis before lights out

Day 2


Boot camp - Intense and exhilarating exercise designed to shoot up the adrenaline
Activity 1 - Case study and Role Play
- Group discussion on key findings – what worked and what didn’t?
Guest Speaker - Grooming & Styling tips by Expert Stylist
- Q&A Session
Results of LIFO - Discussion of Personality types, impressions and perceptions
Activity 2 - Meeting Challenges Creatively



Day 3


Zumba - Intense and exhilarating dance exercise designed to shoot up the adrenaline
Activity 1 - Presentation Skills part 1
- Strategies and pointers
Become a Blogger - Guest Speaker session on setting up a blog; Q&A
Activity 1 (contd.) - Presentation Skills: Second round of Presentations – Extempore Speeches and thinking on your feet
Guest Speaker - Healthy Eating and Weight Management talk by Nutrition & Dietetics Expert
- Q&A Session
Award Ceremony - Handing out of Awards & Certificates


The above outline gives you a flavour of what we can do.

Our preference is always to discuss with you what challenges your business is facing in obtaining your business objectives. From there, we will design a very specific programme that will meet the needs of your business. For more information, contact us now!