Effective Presentations


We make presentations everyday.  It could be a formal setting such a formal client presentation or informal, such as weekly team briefing.  Sometimes we aren’t very happy with our performance and feel we could have done a better job or we wanted to convince an audience on a point but failed to do so.  At other times we hear other people present and marvel at how flawlessly they spoke and how they managed to keep the audience interested and nodding their heads in approval.  So what is the secret to making a successful presentation?  It is a mixture of planning, preparation, creativity, and of course the conviction in your ideas fueled by your knowledge.  It is about knowing your audience and their needs and motivations.  It is about relating to your audience sincerely and candidly. This course will teach you all this in a very hands-on environment giving you plenty of opportunity to practice and hone your new skills.

This course enables you to:

  • Plan and Design a Presentation with Pre-Set Objectives
  • Decide on Content of Presentation
  • Tailor Presentation Style and Aids according to Audience and Setting
  • Manage your Time
  • Anticipate and prepare for questions and objections
  • Techniques to overcome Nervousness
  • Make lively and Engaging Presentations that Capture and Retain the Audience’s Attention
  • Synchronize Team Presentations

The Benefits of Effective Presentations

  • Conduct a smooth presentation with a clear objective
  • Have an appealing presentation which keeps your audience interested
  • Optimise the given time to deliver adequate information
  • Confidently answer and respond to all objections and questions
  • Maintain a calm, composed and confident appearance
  • Attain the audiences’ attention, making them interested and wanting to find out more
  • Present as a team with an optimal impact on the audience

Workshop Outline 


Day 1


Individual Presentations - Participants present prepared presentations
Evaluation - Self
- Group
Presentation Design - Identifying Objectives, Audience and Structure
Style - Various Presentation Styles and finding your own style
- Visual Aids, Time Management, and other tools

Day 2


Body Language - Body Language; Voice Moderation; Grooming
Second Round of Presentations - Participants re-present the first presentation after incorporating the techniques and tools learned in previous session
Overcoming Challenges - Dealing with Fear and Anxiety
- Handling tough questions
- Managing unrelated issues while keeping on track
Evaluation & Coaching - Self
- Group
- Facilitator

The above outline gives you a flavour of what we can do.

Our preference is always to discuss with you what challenges your business is facing in obtaining your business objectives. From there, we will design a very specific programme that will meet the needs of your business. For more information, contact us now!