The Company

Our Philosophy

Our business philosophy is Passion x Power = Excellence. We define excellence as customer satisfaction, and believe that the two critical human contributors to client satisfaction are Passion (the attitude, desire to help and deep belief in your business) and Power (knowledge of the business and behaviour that draws people towards you). One without the other is not enough, and we demonstrate this vividly in our training programs.

Our Approach

Our approach for all clients is to firstly understand their business objectives and the challenges or issues they face in achieving those objectives. Once we can understand these, we determine how we could work with our clients to develop a strategy to address the issues that prevent them from operating at peak performance. We do not have off-the-shelf training programs, as there is no such thing as an off-the-shelf problem. Our clients choose us because we understand their business and deliver tailor made solutions to their business communication problems.

You will find the courses outlines mentioned in our website – This is to give you a flavour of what we can do.

Why We’re Different

It’s all in the approach – we see training as an investment that the company expects to make a return on. What we like to do:

  • Learn about our customer’s business to understand how things work and where the challenges are
  • Ask a lot of questions, and come back with a written description of what we understand the business process to be and where the shortcomings exist in business communications
  • Identify opportunities to improve on these areas of business and recommend strategies to bring about these enhancements

When the client sees this level of commitment, they know that we are serious about their business needs.